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Under Construction
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 25 April 2006


Welcome to my LUMSDEN Family page.

Wanted Lumsden Family Information, stories, trees. 

This site is currently under construction, so please come back soon.

Best regards,

Mark Empson.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 24 August 2008 )
William Alfred Lumsden
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 24 August 2008

William Alfred Lumsden was born in Gamrie Scotland on 5 February 1813. He had one brother James and two sisters Anne and Margaret.

William married Emma Catherine Strong on June 18 1841 and they emigrated to New Zealand about 4 days later. They landed in Wellington where he set up business as a Nurseryman and seedsman and was well recognised up to the time he went missing in the Rimutakas around 1861.

William and Emma had nine children:
Maria Louise Lumsden. Born 1842. Married Hamilton Andrews Moore.
Margaret Annie Lumsden. Born 1844 Married Alan Walter Wilson. Died 1875.
Isabella Janet Lumsden. Born 1846. Married John Albert Heaton. Died 1920.
William Alfred Lumsden. Born 1849. Married Jane Brookie. Died 1889. Emma
Catherine Lumsden. Born 1850. Married Skelly. Died 1885.
Ellen Lumsden. Born 1853. Married Tomlinson. Died 1937.
John Robert Lumsden. Born 1854. Married Maria Amon. Died 1948.
Charles Blundell Lumsden. Born 1856 Married Elizabeth Cameron. Died 1937.
Nesbitt Henry Lumsden. Born 1860. Married Jane Ninian Tait. Died 1930.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 24 August 2008 )
The Lumsden Family Name
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 07 May 2006
This name derives from the old manor of Lumsden in the parish of Coldingham, Berwickshire. the earliest recording of the name appears some time between 1166 and 1182 when brothers Gillem (William) and Cren de Lumsden witnessed a charter by Earl Waldeve of Dunbar to the Priory of Coldingham. The lands of Lumsden are first mentioned in a charter dated 1098 of Edgar, King of Scots and son of Malcolm Canmore. Gillem and Cren de Lumsden are the earliest recorded owners of the lands. In 1296 Adam Lumsden of that Ilk and Roger de Lumsden were among those who did forced homage to Edward I of England, their names appearing on the Ragman Rolls.

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